Video Baby Monitors – Types Available

Video technology has progressed over recent years and with the cost of implementation into standalone devices, it has opened up a new world of features that can be found within some of the best selling baby monitors on the market today.

Video baby monitors are designed to enhance the peace of mind that more traditional audio systems offer, giving you the ability to be able to see your child as well as hear them, giving you even better understanding of what you child is doing at any given time.

Thanks to advancement in the way in which the later video baby monitors operate, you purchase can now be extended as your children grow, possessing the ability to be able to extend the number of video camera units that it can operate to give you a wide scale view of what is going on within your home.

Many would liken video baby monitors with more traditional CCTV systems, which in a way would be a good comparison, however video baby monitor systems are cheaper and easier to operate, however it is important to remember that making the choice to enhance your peace of mind with the addition of a video producing system will increase the amount of power that your system will require, so think about finding one that can either be plugged in directly or has rechargeable functionality.

With the number of video baby monitor options available to you, the price that you can expect to pay for a suitable system has reduced significantly since their first appearance in the market but we would recommend that you look to stay with the bigger name brands that offer a warranty against any problems that could arise.

When thinking about buying a video baby monitor system, there are a couple of key variants that you could come across;

Night Vision Video Baby Monitors

Video enabled baby monitors offer you an enhanced level of peace of mind, giving you the ability to be able to actually see your child rather than simply hear them, however cameras that don’t have night vision will produce a much darker imagery, which in a room without light would make the video stream unable to be viewed clear enough to feel safe that you know what your child is doing.

With Night Vision, the camera units possess small lights that enhance the video capture of the camera, giving you a clear picture even in the darkest conditions.

Multi Camera Video Baby Monitors

These systems are created with more than one single camera generating a video feed of what is happening within your child’s room and often present you with the ability to be able to further grow the number of cameras that you use in order to make the coverage of the system bigger as your little ones grow.

These systems often cost a little more than their single camera counterparts, but with the chance to be able to see your child from various angles, giving you even more peace of mind and more control.