Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor Review

Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor



    Ease of Use and Setup







          • Looks Great
          • Can Be Moved Easily
          • Fantastic Quality
          • Warranty
          • Two Way Interaction


          • Only One Monitor
          • Little Basic For Our Needs

          Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby MonitorThe Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor is a low cost solution for parents that are looking to get the reassurance that their child is sleeping when they should, meaning that you have to remember that at this price range you aren’t going to be getting a baby monitor system that has all of bells and whistles of higher priced alternatives.

          That said, it has a solid base that is well made thanks to the guys at Motorola continuing to ensure that they are working within the expectation that you would expect from a name that used to be what we considered one of the bigger mobile tech producers in the past.

          Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor Appearance

          The Motorola MBP160 comes in a single colour choice of white/black, with the main aspect of the monitor being white and as we paid a smaller price than some of the other baby monitors that we have tried and tested, we didn’t expect it to be anything that was going to win a design award, but who cares as we were more interested in how it performed, however that said it didn’t look ugly and we were more than happy to leave it in clear sight for others to see.

          Use and Set Up

          We have been through so many hours of set up nightmares before thanks to trying everything from budget priced systems through to the more expensive baby monitor systems available, so we know very well that as a first time user of a baby monitor system, finding something that can be set up and ready as quickly as possible is important.

          This is where the Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor did very well and the fact that its lack of bells and whistle style features worked heavily in its favour and this was a very easy system to get up and running in a quick ‘plug and play’ style.

          Ian plugged the base into the wall and the added the batteries into the mother unit and with a quick press of a button to pair to two, we were then able to hear what was happening in the room and free to step slowly out of the room to see how it performed.


          Potentially one of the biggest things that we insisted needed to perform well was the sound, after all that is the main thing that we are looking for when it comes to even thinking about using a baby monitor in the first place, I mean there is no point having a poor quality sound that means that you can’t hear when your children make a sound as that makes the product obsolete.

          The Motorola BMP160 performed well in this area, the sound was nice and clear and it picked up even the smallest hint of movement sound, a very welcome fact as we both sat and watched a screenless baby monitor in the hope that it would do what it was designed for.

          Clear and crisp sound with a good microphone to make sure that myself and Ian didn’t have to just stand outside of the door while they slept is certainly a plus factor that every parent should consider.


          At this price we weren’t expect the Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor to be anything that was going to blow us away but we were surprised that it performed so well in terms of the range that it functioned within. The box stated that it should work as expected up to 300 metres away from the base unit and it did perform very well as we moved throughout the house.

          It didn’t seem to lose any performance as we headed down the stairs and stood nervously in the kitchen until we heard the first set of sounds come through it, which soothed the mood quickly.

          As for other features worth mentioning, it did play a sound as we tested the distance a little more which we assume was to say that we were about to lose the range from the base unit and it does state that there is an ‘Eco Mode’ for those of you that want to think green while using it.


          Overall the Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor performed well for the price point that we paid for it and we were genuinely impressed by how quick and easy it was to set up as well as the sound quality that it offered.

          Honestly, we think that the system is a little basic for what we would like but for someone that is looking for a baby monitor system that can give them a little peace of mind while their little ones are sleeping on a smaller budget, it would be able to do what you needed.

          It should be noted that there is a more basic version of this system created by Motorola called the MBP8 Digital Audio Baby Monitor or if you would like to see what we thought of their upgraded Motorola MBP161 Digital Video Monitor Babysense Bundle click here.

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