Buying A Baby Monitor – What Are You Really Buying?

As first time parents of twins ourselves, we completely understand the urge to spend on the big ticket items to ensure that you have the best baby products on the market, we have been right there where you are right now and have already made that mistake a number of times.

With baby monitors ranging from as little as 20 right up to 200 and then some, we were just like you in already ruling out the budget lines as they have to be rubbish right? Well the fact is that with the mid-range monitors available for round about the 60 mark, some of those in the real world out-perform the higher priced models.

Just like when you are buying the latest tech gadget, your nature instinct is to go for the item with the biggest list of features inside a price range that you can afford, but don’t get drawn into the sales frenzy inspiring gimmicks and think a little more practically about what it is that you really need, after all you aren’t buying it for all of the great features such as light shows and lullabies, you are buying it for peace of mind while your cherished ones sleep.

The core functionality is the same, listening out for movement and the potential waking up of your child during their moment of sleeping, however lets not forget that commonly used saying that ‘you pay for what you get’.

With some of the models that we will take a look at boasting a host of features that others may not possess, we will still give you the low down on what we thought to them based on our own use of the monitors covered, including those that boast a HD video camera so that we could not only hear but also see the twins.

Our mission is to not get hung up on the flashy lights and soothing sounds but to take a look at just how well the models that we feature here on perform in practice, while being used on our twins.