BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor Review

BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor

BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor



    Ease of Use and Setup







          • Looks Great
          • Mains Powered
          • Big Brand Manufacturer
          • Warranty
          • Free Setup Helpline


          • Dropped Network Connection
          • Sound Not Clear On Older iPhone

          BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor ReviewThe BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor came into our household with a huge amount of expectation and hope that this could be about to provide us with more range than we have ever had, mostly due to the name associated with it and the fact that it makes up one of a few WIFI baby monitors that we have seen available at an affordable price point.

          With pairing between the baby monitor and our Apple iPhone, we anticipated that BT may have just found the one soft spot that we would request from any baby monitor, afterall who doesn’t have their phone in reaching distance almost throughout the whole of the day and night?

          With the promise that we could sync up with the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor on more than one device at a time, it seemed to be a great way to allow both myself and Ian to be able to deal with the twins should they need attention for whatever reason, meaning that the closest to them could be there in seconds without having to shout throughout the house to each other.

          Unfortunately there were a few elements of the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor which we just couldn’t get on with and that meant that all of the high hopes that we had for this system were gone, albeit possibly due to our presumption that it would tick all of the right boxes from the off.

          BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor Appearance

          The BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor looks sleek and modern, meaning that it fit into the décor of our freshly decorated children’s room without standing out, something that although shouldn’t matter, really does for us as we like to ensure that things are nice and clean both in and round the room in case we need to dash in there.

          As the system makes use of our Apple products (iPhone and iPad) there was no receiver so to speak, meaning that naturally that’s a win for us as both myself and Ian tend to have our phones in our bag/pocket most of the day, or at least just a reach away.

          The free app that the monitor uses is easy enough to use and fairly straight forward for even me, who can honestly say that I don’t tend to use apps on my phone (I only use it for calls, texts and social media).

          Ease of Use and Set Up

          When we opened the box that the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor came in, we could quickly see that this looked like it would be a plug and play, however we should have known better than that with the inclusion of WIFI mentioned, meaning that we had to pair it to our home network.

          Now this is more Ian’s area than mine, so I left him to do that and he said that it wasn’t too hard to get up and running, taking him about the time it took for me to make us both a much needed cuppa and some lunch.

          Apparently there were a couple of times that he thought that he had managed to get it linked up to the network before he returned to the kitchen but he said that the base unit seemed to drop connection a couple of times and said that we might need to move the router a little closer for a stronger signal.

          Naturally hearing that the connection had dropped, even for just a moment was a concern for me and I wanted to ensure that although we wanted to make sure that we were giving the unit a fair test, I wanted to make sure that I was close by just incase I couldn’t hear anything, as often you hear something now and again.

          That said, BT state that they have a free helpline that you can call if you need assistance to get your monitor set up correctly.


          BT have been a leading name in the phone market for a long time so this surely had to be an area in which they would blow their rivals out of the water right? Well although the sound quality did seem to be adequate, I suspect that the use of the iPhone or iPad speakers could have made it a little less clear at times.

          That could have been due to the age of my iPhone though as the iPad did seem to give off a better level of quality sound in my opinion, but Ian thought that it was clear enough to make him think about potentially getting a second system so that we could leave it in another room (the base unit is mains powered so just easier that way than to get to the plug etc).


          I guess that we got exactly what it said on the tin when it came to the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor, it operates on a WIFI connection and when it was connected and working as it should, the range was fantastic and a nice addition as it meant that I could hang the washing out on the line without rushing back to the kitchen door between pegs!

          The app that is used with the system was well designed in terms of functionality, allowing me to continue to listen to the twins in their room while I was sending a text or reading a message that was coming through and apparently if set up completely you can have the unit send a text or email to you to notify you that your child is crying.

          I’m not one that makes use of features such as crying pattern monitoring, however if you are then you will be pleased to know that the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor claims to be able to do that for you too.

          I think that is about it for features really as it seems to incorporate the Apple device to further the other offerings that they claim to bring to you but as the tests are done based on our own personal needs, nothing else was tried.


          For us, the concept of the BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor is great and we do like the fact that the use of WIFI means that you can not only increase the range between you and the base unit (wherever you have internet access, whether WIFI or mobile) but can also have a little more peace of mind while when you finally dare to take a little date night time out with your partner.

          Although the lure of the system is certainly there, I just personally think that the dropping of the network connection was just too much of a risk for us to take and that means that I don’t think that we will be adding a second one of these to the collection at the moment, maybe we’ll take a look at an updated version at a later date with some of the niggles ironed out.

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